Stephen Fox Architectural Archives (17)

Houston Metropolitan Research Center's Architectural Archives is able to supply blueprints, specifications, correspondence about projects, and photographs of the construction of buildings from our archive. The majority of the collection is post 1900 (turn of the century) and is used by contractors and architects on restoration projects, students working on projects and historians doing research. The room is closed to the public and requires an appointment to view materials. Feel free to check out our Architectural Database online or send a request via Houston Public Library’s email reference.

Named after Houston’s pre-eminent architectural historian, Stephen Fox, this space houses the second largest architectural collection in the state of Texas.  This room contains collections from over 250 architects, plans of 9,000 buildings and houses, and over 150,000 sheets of drawings.

The room is kept at 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) with a relative humidity of 50 percent to protect the blueprints and drawings.